To Hull in a Handcart

I think it’s time to concede the title. In Boxing terms, Saturday was that punch around three or four blows beyond the required stoppage, when the referee finally steps in, arms waving to call a halt to proceedings, when the beating was too ferocious to initially put himself in the middle of it. I gave […]

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Withe or Without You

Diego Costa is like a mard-arse version of Peter Withe. Withe was a horrible, awkwardly shaped individual. All elbows, fists, snarls, confrontation and goals. He wasn’t shy in doling out his thoughts on the game of football, or to his opponents out on the pitch. Physically forthright, is how you could class him. Withe was […]

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Liverpool 1 Kenneth Branagh 0

New Year’s Eve at Anfield had a genuine workday feel to it in some respects. A lot was made of the fact that the Premier League and beyond had scheduled an extensive day of football, when many people had parties, or nights out to get to. In reality, although it doesn’t happen too often, it […]

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Clusters at Anfield

You Are Here. Where are we exactly though? 2nd position going into the weekend, and 6 points behind a sickeningly proficient Chelsea would be the short, and wholly accurate answer. Highly likely to be 9 points behind Chelsea before we go into the Merseyside derby on Monday evening. Come on, be realistic. When was the […]

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