Clusters at Anfield

You Are Here. Where are we exactly though? 2nd position going into the weekend, and 6 points behind a sickeningly proficient Chelsea would be the short, and wholly accurate answer. Highly likely to be 9 points behind Chelsea before we go into the Merseyside derby on Monday evening. Come on, be realistic. When was the […]

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Recycled Furniture at Anfield

Lucas at centre back. James Milner at left back. Simon Mignolet STILL in goal. Jordan Henderson being primed as a defensive midfielder of purpose. Adam Lallana Appreciation Day coming soon, for a man who seems set to follow in the footsteps of Joe Allen in becoming the ‘darling’ of the crowd, when previously viewed with […]

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Non-League Daytrippers?

Non-League Football day came and went last weekend. A new-wave occasion held during the first international break of the season. Much has already been written about the positive effects and the general feel-good benefits for those who admirably step out to lend their support to football clubs at local grassroots levels. Those positive effects are […]

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