What we’re all about – A Call to Arms

Basically, we looked at an already crowded marketplace of Liverpool FC related websites and thought; “hey, us too”.

With no designs on conquering the bloody world, we’re essentially aiming for a bit of soul-writing. If we were a room at a party, then we’d be the kitchen. Most of those who will be posting articles on this humble little website can probably be classed as products of the ghosts of Liverpool past. We’ve either lived through, or grown up on the epic deeds of the glory days, but that is also offset with a will, a burning desire, to see new glory days. This however is tempered by a bewildered incredulity towards the modern day game, or more so the hype which surrounds it.

You’re unlikely to find in-depth technical analysis here, you won’t find many stats, and you definitely won’t read about hypothetical transfers and ‘gossip’. What you will get is a call to arms however. To coin the name of a hibernating Liverpool fanzine; We Are Liverpool, and if we aren’t fighting our rivals, then we’re usually fighting among ourselves instead.
We have no ‘agenda’ and we’ll just say it as we see it, rather than how we’re told to see it. Pub ramblers unite. Tonight belongs to us.